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Pool Recovery in Jacksonville, FL

No matter how distressed your property happens to look, you can count on us to be your leading business for pool recovery in Jacksonville, Florida. For more than 15 years, homeowners throughout the area have relied on Pool Doctor of Northeast FL for professional-grade restoration services that bring their pools back to life. Our licensed and insured technicians work hard to sanitize your pool, making it healthy and clean again. Don’t let a good pool go to waste! Call our associates today to request a free quote and learn more about our recovery services.

A Safe and Effective Pool Shock Treatment

In order to maintain a beautiful and desirable swimming pool, every property owner should schedule a regular pool shock treatment to keep the water clean, healthy, and free of inefficient chloramines. Whether you have just purchased a foreclosed home or need to sell or rent a neglected property, we effectively restore your water using our pool shock treatments.

Our technicians begin by draining your pool water and removing debris, including leaves, wood, branches, glass, and any other foreign objects that have found their way into your pool. As an alternative to draining, we retain your pool’s water and thoroughly sanitize it. We then disinfect the neglected pool surface by scrubbing the floor, walls, and tile with a pool brush. Next, we refill your pool with fresh, balanced water before applying algaecide to remove any slick algae buildup and bacteria. Finally, we remove the dirt and bacteria from the pool equipment and clean the filters.

Pool with Hot Tub in Jacksonville, FL

A Streamlined Pool Algae Treatment

Our company is proud to be the area's primary resource for pool algae treatment and maintenance. This is a necessary service, as an algae bloom can be responsible for turning your pool water green and rendering it unfit for swimming. Over time, algae residue forms on the surface of your pool walls and creates strains of harmful bacteria. Rely on us for pool algae treatment when your water is infected and neglected.

Don’t take a chance restoring a distressed pool without the help of a professional crew. Pool recovery requires several steps and is best handled by experienced technicians. Furthermore, we work with highly concentrated chemicals that, if not properly used, can cause harmful effects. Let our highly trained technicians do the work for you so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the water.

Contact us today for pool recovery services that transform the look of your property. We proudly serve Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach, Nocatee, and Mandarin, Florida.